1. Hey Tim, definitely a big job. Good call on removing the oil pan. I hope the car owner sees the videos and what it is taking to make the repairs right.

    • Hey Darren, we did send them the first two episodes, but they did not watch them. It would have been nice, especially being that we are NOT charging them to remove the oil pan and clean it out.

  2. Yes I thought you wasnt going be able to do job cause customer was going get used engine. Thank God now I know with help this video I can get job done. Thanks tim!

  3. Make sure the little oil nozzle for the chain is not clogged. I got a new one but you can just take it off and clean it.

  4. Oil leak is the front main seal in the timing cover. Common failure on this motor…just did this on our Terrain. This engine is seriously messed up!!
    Seems like the newer timing chain engines are no better than their timing belt cousins.
    Fun fact: These engines were designed in Germany. More german engineering to contend with!

  5. Definitely cheesy bulk oil changes and $2.00 champ oil filters…Wow! If I was the owner I would only have Tim perform the oil changes and regular scheduled maintenance after seeing all the broken timing chain parts and extra pieces in the oil pan…What a mess.

  6. What a mess you got there. But it’s exiting to watch the carnage!
    I do remember somebody getting a pair of hose clamp pliers for Christmas! Where are they? Lol

    • Honestly Frank, I think it’s both, and i say that because of the sludge build up on the VVT solenoids. But 85% is a crappy engine, LOL!

    • @Astral Auto Repairs you raised a good point there. Oil isn’t just about lubrication anymore it also serves to supply hydraulic pressure for vvt solenoids. Oil changes are vital these days

  7. You helped me do my wife’s 07 cobalt chain swap with the 2.2 ecotech. I now have a 15 Malibu with the 2.5 ecotech and I worry about the same problem. Any experience with the 2.5 ecotech? Would love to see any videos on them. Thanks so much for your knowledge!

    • LOL Robert. So far while in the rabbit hole, we can turn around and still see light…but it’s getting dim!

  8. What up Timmy,j Juan over here 👈,man the wabbit found a whole messy engine, Jesus Christ what going on with this people’s don’t take care vehicles maintained, see u in part#4 brother,many Bless🙏👍

  9. Ever had raccoons come out to the party line and snag customer’s engine parts while you’re done for the night? lol


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