1. I’m just gonna say amen and its so true I had my ac serviced yesterday was a pound and a half low guy only charged me for one pound of freon the third time I have used this company and will always reference and use them to anyone who asks

    • @Astral Auto Repairs honestly saying I need a lifter replaced on my white jeep gonna do all new lifters rods and a gasket set since I’m in their but aside from the parts price I’m gonna have to do it myself its just way to dang much from any shop here labor should run under 1000 bucks for this truck the job is way to easy just takes time assuming a trained professional could do it in half the time I can bust still to much money started noticing prices going crazy 10 years ago

  2. Timmy you are a good man and Astral is the kind of business that we need more of.

    You speak the truth when you say “when you do good things for customers it comes back to you.”

    I may have some good information for your customer regarding this engine. Let me know how to get in contact with you via email

  3. first and foremost, one of your best videos! and not just saying that. even the school here in the town i live in needs to see this video. i had put my pt cruiser into the high school to put it on for free. they put the wrong bolts in the wrong places and didn’t even fill up the oil on it. i later had to buy a strut mount bc they put a long bolt that holds the power steering pump where the short bolt goes. which also made me pull out my hair to figure out why i kept throwing belts as well. after bragging he was a pt master.

  4. You are completely 100% correct. I don’t know how many times I have shops try to up sell me. I watch through the window to make sure they do the work correctly. I am not equipped to do a lot myself but have been doing more myself now because I’m tired of being ripped off. Changed my serpentine belt myself cost 35 dollars 15 min. Shop wanted 220. Went to get my brakes done told me I needed new calipers. Was going to be 800. I told them show me why. All of a sudden said never mind yours are fine.

    • You just echoed the frustration of SO MANY people, and what’s sad is that it’s not just this field! From plumbers, construction, home heating and a/c, and especially the VETS where we take our dogs!


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