1. Wow great work on this tough job, Mr Tim and Ms Silvia!

    My question please is at 12:53 – 13:04….is there any chance that the coolant which came out of the little hose and went into cam block drain all the way into the crank block and eventually into the oil pan?

    Will it burn off when you start the car and engine get up to operating temp?

    Sorry for the long essay.

    • A rebuilt engine is $3600, and that’s just the engine. We DO NOT trust one of these engines used, so this would be the best option. Stay safe as well!

  2. Here I was thinking that the lousy GM design was the culprit for the disaster until I saw that oil filter.
    Oil is cheap, engines are expensive.
    Does the rebuilt head come complete with new cams, rockers, etc?

  3. Hey Timmy I change oil pan on a 2009 Honda accord it was not that hard using your technique love your videos I learned a lot from watching

    • Thanks Dillian, wait until you get an oil pan where you have to remove a motor mount and jack up the engine, THEY SUCK, LOL!!

  4. Hola Timmy,Juan ever here,😂,silvia give u a lot of commands,obey her please🤣,that engine totally a mess,that filter never was changed,resulting of bend valve and the whole 9yard,see u in the next part 🙏👍

  5. Now you see why I was advocating used motor.

    Cracked exhaust manifold is common on the ecotecs…basically gets replaced whenever the head comes off. When you was trying to get the heat shield off I was yelling at the screen “Cut the O2 sensor, all of it is garbage!!”


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