• not sure your definition of coup but there are even 2 door coups that have b pillars. Not every coup is like a merecedes E class coup that has that cool bug window that isnt interruptted

  1. Remember when they use to do care reviews for vehicles the average person could/would buy? I haven’t seen an average person car in a while.

  2. It’s hard to fault any of these uber performance sedans nowadays., especially when tested by an attractive woman :). The technology and performance are so great, it just becomes a matter of personal taste!

  3. Being serious, this BMW is competition of the Mercedes Benz AMG gt 4 door and not the s class, and is 10k cheaper than the Merc. This kind of large sporting sedans are for rich people who don’t ask themselves if they will buy a lot of normal cars instead of 1 luxury one.

  4. Ill get multiple cars and nice ones they don’t have to be a luxury brand but I’ll buy top trim models and then go on a trip

  5. Great video, gorgeous BMW!!! It could definitely use some wood trim inside, and for over $100,000 I would definitely get a Preowned Rolls Royce instead!!

  6. wow, a woman that calls a rev counter by the correct name, be still my heart. Thanks for a great review, good work… as for price, I’d take it eyes closed… or open…


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