1. I agree with you guys on most things in this video, except for the comment on body control for all of their models. The regular 5 series is EXTREMELY soft. I’m not talking about the M5, I’m talking about the regular 530i and 540i. The only thing that reminds you that they’re a BMW is the engine and powertrain combo. Very refined and the calibration is very good. But stick them into a corner and they don’t feel happy at all.

  2. These are super popular where I live. The people around me are rich and can buy whatever they want. I see these way more than the X3. Probably cuz people don’t care about the subtle differences and this is $10k less.

  3. Who rides that street triple? I ride a 17 Daytona 675R. Great bike… Oh sorry we were suppose to comment on the X1. Good review.

  4. This car is made for Europeans and it´s marketed for women, that is why it has small seats and sort of bland driving experience. It´s not a car that will have a M-pack in the options list, probably all you can do in the sales office is opting for the bigger wheels and have black window trim instead of chrome. For those who don´t want a big SUV, but don´t like the Nissan Qashqai, VW Tiguan or Toyota RAV4 and are willing to pay a bit extra for the BMW badge and prestige. Those extra small SUV´s are selling in Europe quite well, specially in the Spain, Italy where an X5 won´t fit in the narrow streets and parking spaces, not to mention sales tax/road tax that apply to cars with more than 200bhp.

  5. Mark got baked AF before Driving Impressions lol @6:05 – “I’m feelin’ it” meaning the OG Kush just hit him.

  6. The interior of the X1, especially the dash layout looks very similar to my 2012 X3 (which was continued until the 2017 model year). So you may as well buy a used X3 with low mileage, get a bit more interior space and save a few thousand off a new X1… And unlike how Merk describes this X1, I find my X3 a lot of fun to drive, probably the one of most entertaining drive in a vehicle of this class with its I6 engine and great handling!

  7. “There are other players like the …Acura RDX, Honda CRV, Mazda CX5, Lexus NX” that are actually, you know, built well. Buying a cut-rate BMW is like sticking your pork sword in a blender.

  8. Yes the obvious alternative is the RDX or a Mazda CX-5 GT Reserve (who comes up with this non sense) with the turbo 4. And the Mazda stickers for less than $40K.

  9. Okay Mark you pretty much should have had the camera go back to you with you snoring with your eyes closed that would have been very funny but that was the General feel …almost maybe you were sick in this video I’m not sure.
    You had an affect in this video like you wanted to start shouting I don’t care I don’t care I don’t care LOL

  10. To quote NPR’s article from 2015, “When it comes to buying a set of wheels, figures show women play a leading role in 85 percent of auto purchases.” This is the reason for the X1 and 85 percent of the horrible vehicles being produced today. Nothing great, but they sell.

  11. I used to really like luxury brands until I realized a Subaru or ford is more luxurious short of a 75k well optioned one

  12. every review is the same. “it has issues but it doesnt everything reasonably well. theres nothing wrong with it…” blah blah.
    Obviously excusesgeese has to keep his YT channel going so he likes everything.

  13. Wow, the look on your face when riding this car.. cracked me up! Its like trying to find something nice to say about a Toyota..!

  14. BMW has been this way forever not sure how you’re surprised considering the amount of BMW’s you’ve driven. Either way good review as usual.

  15. About as good as it gets for an entry level BMW. Great review. However, for the price in the way it needs to be optioned out, there are many better alternatives for the same money or less. I have have just sold my one year old loaded Mazda3 (soul red) and was planning to order the new M135i but that is on hold for while. You have to choose your entry level German brand carefully because the competition is wide and strong. BMW seems to be just filling out the product portfolio with some models in its business.

  16. Getting an entry level luxury car seems so wrong to me on many sides. Now I am a value person, but having driven and owned a 1series for a while, it was a complete disaster. The car itself, options and maintenance are expensive, yet it lacks power and luxury. You buy this if you really crave that bmw badge or have some very special restrictions, i.e. garage space? I would rather get a used X3 in both cases.

  17. Why not just say that this is badge engineering? This is a MINI and since that division does not move a lot of product, BMW is trying to sell it as their house brand as well to maximize manufacturing efficiency. The BMW brand is not about FWD and 4-cylinder engine products. The platform sharing is not really working as this product costs too much for a FWD, 4-cylinder product. It’s a BMW – of course, it has to cost more. Just like MINI is a premium small car brand. But buyers can get more reliable FWD 4-cylinder small SUVs for less money from other manufacturers that will have much lower repair costs.

  18. If I was in the midwest or you’re ever in Los Angeles, I’d give you the keys to my M340i, because theres still some BMWs left that are pretty fun. I’ve never driven an X1, but I’ve driven an X2 once… and yeah its ok not really worth getting over say a CX-30. Its not THAT price uncompetitive though, a CRV or something is quite expensive now.

  19. I guess asking a question that BMW’s new shift process from RWD to FWD and relating it with a brand’s value is quite an ambiguous question. Today every brand wants to fill their attics with cash. that priority #1. And exactly that’s why now there’s car / SUV / coupe or hatch for every segmented category. you walk into BMW or Mercedes showroom just because that’s what you’re looking for. in terms of BMW its the sport character from the get-go with premium wrap. with Mercedes, it’s other way around. and Audi tries to remain in the center. Whatever is this BMW X1 is if the owner feels connected, and maybe it’s aimed for the women – the ergonomics and hassle-free experience of male ego saying look at me I am driving BMW X5 50i or whatever. I think it’s a win-win for both BMW & the owner.

  20. I’m 6’ 5, and have no issues with space. The issue is opposite of how described. Less space actually in the rear seats which is why the trunk space is so nice. Quite clear when compared with other cross overs.


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