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  2. Sorry but I am not buying any Volvo with those ugly rear tail lights. Too many years this design has been used and looks awful. Do some thing different for a change since a new type of car is coming.

  3. What an infomercial. As an owner of a 2018 XC90 AWD (D5 engine), I have been hoping that Volvo would come out with something to take my eye off the Tesla Model Y I am considering. This car doesn’t cut it, and who knows when they’ll have an EV version of say, the XC60 at a decent price and good range. Right now, the XC40 EV comes with a range at least 100km LESS than the Model Y, at probably the same price category. Why on earth would anyone buy the XC40 then? I ask this as a current Volvo owner looking to stay within the brand, not as a troll.

  4. Beautiful and nicer interior than Y. But no chance this suv will come even close to Y. Tesla has gone far with technology and performance and reliability. Glad we have a variety now

  5. What an ugly car! Was it designed buy the Chinese communist party? I guess that’s what the program manger was for, be the non-Chinese mouth piece of the Chinese communist party. It gives the illusion of credibility.

  6. And dont forget high quality of the materials and craftsmanship included. It is not like crappy materials and lousy build of Teslas.

  7. 400km range on WLTP cycle is acceptable but not great, and knowing that it has a 78kWh battery, 400km WLTP range seems a little disappointing.

  8. Pity it is ugly as sin – square and boxy, and looks like it has the aerodynamics of the average house-brick. Range isn’t mentioned, but the dash-display showed 320Km at 80% charge, which is 400Km at full charge = 250 miles. Just barely at the bottom-edge of what is now considered “minimum viable product” levels. Price = ???

  9. But what about self-driving capabilities?

    You can be electric, have high performance, look aesthetic, safe etc, but if you don’t have self driving capabilities, Tesla will still be the superior car.

    • It has self driving capability, more advanced than the standard gas powered XC40 but that’s all that I’ve seen officially stated.

  10. I was watching this on my Android phone! When the guy said… “Hey Google”! My Google assistant suddenly appeared. Hahahaha!

  11. After Elon Musk came out as a crazy man, I’d rather give Volvo my money for what seems like a far superior product.

  12. انا اعاني من ضعف البطارية دائما ماتشتغل السبب اتوقع المروحة لانو تضل شغالة ربع ساعه بعد ما اطفيها فولفو v40

  13. Exciting car I love it, Sorry to add that it is super unprofessional to “Hey Google” in a video, everyone else knows that triggers the google home setup for those who are watching 🙁

  14. This is a fantastic Tesla Model Y competitor like the Mustang Mach-E and Nissan Ariya (When it’s sold outside of Japan). The only thing missing is an actually fast and convenient charging experience like Tesla’s V3 Superchargers. Volvo, I’m impressed.


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