1. why in the world they don’t sell this in America is INSANE! If they’re worried about the Taco, they should just badge it under Tacoma-D(iesel). Come on, Toyota! Doooooooo it!!

    • @ryder wilson it’s a weird dynamics with the midsize trucks in Murica, precisely because we love everything ginormous here, and gas/’petrol’ still being cheaper than overseas so demand for diesel in ‘everyday cars & trucks’ simply never existed in Murica.

      But, probably a younger demographics shift as well, seeing as how the post millennials generations are as or more populous than the Boomers, and as a whole much less well off economically. Midsize have become big sellers.

      It’s the market signals Ford was reading: it’s why they brought back the Ranger in the last 2-3 yrs or so, after a long sabbatical. For awhile the Toyota Tacoma was the only name in town and simply allowed to dominate. But with overlanding becoming more popular here, midsize pickups and SUV demand for diesel is up.

      Then again, with Ram 1500s and Ford F150 trim options being as affordable as the Tacomas, and seeing as how SUV/crossovers literally are annually best sellers here, midsize will probably still remain a smaller market than the -larger- normal sized truck market here.

      But for some of us here, we like the IDEA of having options for say 70 series LC and new Unimogs, Zetros, etc, frak dammit! xD


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