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    • Im like you Scotty, I own older cars that are simpler in design that I can repair myself. I hadnt heard of these timing chain driven water pumps before its very informative for next time Im car shopping. So thank you very much.

    • Scotty Kilmer Scotty – I have a 2013 Honda Pilot Touring. It’s got the Variable Cylinder Management system which shuts down 3 of the 6 cylinders when not needed. I see many people shutting down that system because they say it eventually causes a rough ride and issues with engine mounts. I haven’t had any issues (yet) at 120k miles. Your thoughts on bypassing the system?


    • @Larry D All that work and the coolant has not been changed yet? I’d do that ASAP if it’s never been done.. I have a 2011 Edge 130K.. change and will be changing that coolant every 5 or 50K!

  2. Another reason why I stuck with the 4 cylinder in my current Subaru.
    On our last Subaru (2006 2.5l) we replaced the water pump, etc. with the timing belt at 110,000 miles. Head gaskets, another known issue then, were done at 130,000. Those were the only big expenses we had with it. BTW: We traded it in 2017 after 11 years and 221,000 miles.

  3. “People were created to be loved. Things were created to be used. The reason the world is in chaos, is because things are being loved and people are being used” John Green

  4. and that another LIE the Subaru head gasket issue was resolved after they stopped using the graphite based head gasket. Stop Scotty TOYOTA IS NOT THE BEST OUT THERE. They have problems too. CMON!

  5. half hour changing water pump at your own garage , NO WAY . may be if you have garage with lift you can raise car up to 6 feet up , no way crawling under car at your garage at 30 min impossible .

  6. Your talk about Subaru EZ series six cylinder engines is flat wrong [no pun intended]. Yes, the water pump can fail and contaminate the oil on an EZ, but this is very rare, the pumps on these are designed to last the life of the car. And NO the EZ does NOT have head gasket problems! You are thinking about the EJ four cylinder engines, which typically need timing belt and head gaskets every 100k miles. Unless you change your coolant every other year like the owners manual says…..

  7. I just did a water pump on a taurus. Ford quoted 11hrs for the job. It was mind blowing how difficult it was, step one was take off the air intake on the other side of the engine. Luckily the engine got to stay in the car for the repair, not true on all Ford’s tho.

  8. Try unbolting a water pump from a 73 Chevy Caprice 350.. 20 minutes well having a coffee in the other hand. Yeah it’s that simple. 😎

  9. The old engines would last longer than the car’s body, that was before fuel injection which improves engine performance…

  10. 6:20 Scotty
    The timing chain water pump designs in those engines were there
    *because the VQ series is the modern aluminum version of the VG-series V6 engine*

    *which used a timing belt water pump as a means to save space & prevent the engine from running should the pump fail by causing a belt breakage*
    The VQ series has already spawned a 4.5-5.7L 90 degree V8- the VK series
    Nissan has already advanced the VQ series for turbocharging- VR series.
    All 3 engine types have that timing chain water pump
    & I can assure you *that they arent known for failing before 200K miles or at least 13-15 years of service*
    If they did, then then it’s very rare,
    I have friends who own virgin- VQ engines that have crossed 230K miles.

  11. Scotty needs a mid-life crisis video. In it he will modify a vehicle with a chain driven water pump, for example. How could that be done? This is America, and in America we can. Come on Scotty…

  12. Stealerships make alot more money on parts than car sales. It’s all about money today. Not quality of a vehicle. And it parts.

  13. Yup 2011 Mazda CX-9 with Ford v6 engine. Water pump failure >>> catastrophic engine failure with no warning. Great design 😠

  14. Great information, thank you for telling me who has the poor designs that would have cost me big bucks to fix, now I will avoid them all.

  15. Thank you Scotty. It’s a disgrace in his car companies get away with making inferior products; Crap transmissions another example. Both Ford and Gm should have been left to die in 2008 instead of bailouts.

  16. We just replaced a ford 3.5 in our shop for exactly this reason. Customer was told by another shop weeks ago that the water pump was making noise. Didn’t Listen. New engine was SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS with labor. Think he will listen next time?

  17. I was able to drive from Des Moines Iowa to Omaha Nebraska with no belts on my Saab 900 after throwing a belt due to my alternator seizing. I learned this trick after driving my 77 TR7 after body swap with a 76 California emission and the alternator didn’t match up. So I drove without belts for a month until I needed to drive at night. Finally got an alternator that fit the vehicle. I had already installed an electric fan on the TR7 since viscous coupler belched it’s fluid. The inspection hole and slinger keep the Antifreeze out of the oil. Just a shim and measure clearance on pump housing and special removal tool on water pump replacement. I’ll trade the extra 45 minutes to replace for self sufficiency of two weeks to drive and not getting stranded in Des Moines

  18. How come I am not surprised that this poor engineering is present on Nissans, Subaru’s, and Fords! 😜😝🤪

  19. I guess my family is lucky – parents owned a first generation boxer H6 engine and after 14 years and 200,000 miles – the Subaru water pump was fine. Probably why you don’t see any lawsuits against Subaru for this engine – but Ford does. I own a 6 year old 100,000 miles with an H6 engine. No issues with anything as of yet. Monitoring your engine in any car is smart. My parents also owned a Toyota Corolla with a CVT. It made a noise, they brought it in after 74,000 miles – and it needed to be rebuilt. Yes, Toyota makes bad designs as well. Not many, but they exist.


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