1. 1:06:28 Could you speak more on the factors that give DCT’s lower parasitic losses relative to torque converted automatics? Some that come to mind are:
    – No fluid “sloshing” in the torque converter (even if it’s locked up the fluid inside can still slosh)
    – Gear mesh efficiency (relatively fewer gear-to-gear meshes between engine and wheels)
    – Downsized oil pump since only 1 clutch pack needs to be pressurized instead of 2/3/4
    – Fewer open clutch packs (only 1 open clutch vs 2/3/4)
    – Less geartrain rotational inertia
    – Bearing/bushing losses (the axial thrust loads on the planet gears are taken up by bushings and not roller/needle bearings)

    Btw thanks for addressing my question about the Honda hybrid traction motors. It seems like a missed opportunity that they didn’t just slightly upsize the traction motor to actually deliver the full “system horsepower”.

  2. Nissan vs Infinity … Infinity is the Luxury Brand of Nissan … the ceiling of Nissan is where Infinity begins… Altima & Maxima are beautiful vehicles only lacking turbos & AWD … Q50 & Q60 get the turbos & AWD, however their interiors fall behind the aesthetics of Nissan’s

    • Keep in mind Altima is also newer than Maxima and Q50 and 60. So when Q50 gets a redesign, Altima would be a more budget option as it probably wouldn’t be redesigned that year. So hopefully with the redesign comes an updated and more premium interior

  3. This guy clearly hates fun cars. Saying Mazda needs a fwd 6 is ridiculous. No proper premium or luxury car is fwd. Leave that fwd ness to the Camry and Accord which dominate. Give us a fun driving, rwd Mazda. Dont listen to Alex Mazda

    • Yeah , don’t listen , and watch that car get AXED ! It will be the like Chrysler 200. Very underrated! It’s going to be a great car that doesn’t sell. No Mazda sells. The car is too damn small just like the 200 , and Mazda is not a luxury manufacturer. At all. They are premium, yes. But so was the 200. Give it AWD/FWD but having RWD and a v6, it will sell like shit. Why is the charger one of the best selling sedans in America ? RWD BIG HUGE car with a BIG HUGE V8. The v6 RWD Charger doesn’t sell. The AWD version does. they need to seriously seriously think this over carefully before they release shit no one asked for. People asked for a Spped Three , speed this speed that. Not RWD Brand new , no one knows about , non familiar car. Not saying it won’t be amazing I’m sure it will. They need to focus on sales , and SUVs Before they make a limited sold CAR ! A CAR at that ! Not Even a SUV ! It’s going to be flop. 100%. If the Chevy SS couldn’t live , I know this thing will flop unless the interior is Mercedes nice.

  4. Bello Alex my James is Luis Urbieta and my question is eventos William you do a Video on tve MCI J4500 MOTOR COACH?

  5. Alex, Isn’t Porsche too of Consumer Reports list? Surprised you didn’t mention it when German car brands asked about?

  6. If car manufacturers where all representing themselves at a event and had tents setup in a parking lot, FCA’s tent would be a freaking lit party ! 🤣🤣 🥳. They are just so damn fun.

  7. I really think Alex is one of the most knowledgeable car youtubers. Really enjoying these live streams and hope they continue at least periodically post lockdown.

  8. Hello Alex. Questions how I can save money on gas per mileage in Land Rover LR4 2011? Any tips or gadget

    • infinti is still its own brand and has its own dealers. it is just very connected to nissan somewhat like a buick to a chevy

  9. Thanks for your thoughts on the new Tesla Model Y. Price aside, it’s difficult to consider another brand like the Hyundai. I would probably see myself in a Toyota hybrid first before a non-Tesla EV…


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