1. What are thoughts on what the coming global recession and ultra-low fuel prices (I tanked up for $1.50 a gallon the other day) going to do to the automotive market?

  2. Wow Alex! More fun in a Camary than the Miata? Wow! I didn’t see you drinking, but I gotta believe you are high as a kite.

  3. Coming from a Prius, and a small to average size male, the Bolt EV has been just fine for me in terms of comfort. It must depend highly on the person!

  4. Alex is a grandpa. A Chrysler Imperial over a RX7 is a no. All he cares about is the I terror and automatic transmission shift quality. Great choices to bring back the RX7, Mk4 Supra, and 300ZX from the other two. Also Aston Martin has a higher probability of going bankrupt than Mazda Alex


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