1. Another good video Ramon. Looking forward to part 2. Should be interesting. Thank you for sharing my friend STAY WELL Artie ❤️

  2. Great video Raymond this must be a 5.0 305 motor? Looks like you have intake issue. I’m doing the same deal on a 1998 Silverado. The intake gasket was shot. Puffing mist out of exhaust. Thanks for sharing my friend

  3. Great video Ramon. I am learning to love my scope more and more. One question do you and Eric O have somebody of camera starting the compressor when needed. LOL Stay well my friend.

  4. Thank you Ramon.

    I think there might be more to this: I can see how the not opening intake valve causes the extreme low pressure in the cyllinder….but then where do the 180 psi on the compression stroke come from? Another question I have is wether your fls shows vacuum at the peaks or at the valleys. It looks to me that the peaks of the fls signal with the engine running actually show the vacuum pulls (low pressure). A not opening intake valve should show up as a missing vacuum pull in the intake and this looks like what is happenning in the intake just before the ignition sync. signal. Friendly greetings, stay safe!

    • juergen scholl Problem was collapsed intake hydraulic lifter. I am also confused by high cylinder compression on #4. I believe due to late opening of intake valve we have high vacuum in that cylinder and when intake valve finally opens we have big void in that cylinder resulting in more air getting in and higher compression. To be honest I don’t over analyze FLS signal if I see repetition high or low pulse every time I know that my problem is mechanical . Than I will use other methods to find out what is cause of mechanical malfunction . Part two is coming soon.👍

    • @KY Home Garage The faulty lifter will make that the valve opens later and closes earlier. With an earlier closing intake valve there will be more “way up” / more time during the compression stroke with the valve closed….. This will make the compression make raise as well.

      THANK YOU.

  5. I redid the top end on my 08 last year, for good measure I replaced all the AFM lifters then bought a Range obd module to eliminate this nonsense from taking place, v8 all the time

    • I’ve heard about that, who did you buy that delete from, Summit?

      I’ve heard that you get relatively the same MPG too, curious if you have seen similar results?

    • @PAULY’S AUTO It’s still a pig on gas in 4 or 8 cylinder mode- i replaced the tank pressure sensor that was throwing a code and it got better mileage after that but it’s still not a prius :). I got the range used off of ebay, they come up for sale often, i guess people sell the vehicle and keep the dongle.

  6. First thing I did when I got my 2011 Sierra SLT was bust out HPTuners and disabled AFM. I get better milage with a proper tune vs AFM too. GM has always sucked at AFM. Remember the caddys with the 8-6-4 V8s of hot garbage? LoL. GMs fix was to disable the solenoids.

    • Bryan Romanchuk Does disable AFM system without changing lifters and camshaft fixes this problem? This is mechanical problem with lifters.

  7. Nice job Ramon! I have heard that the AFM system does not let enough oil get to lifters, definitely a poor design.

  8. Common problem on GM trucks w/AFM. I’ve seen several of these. We’ve had some luck with MM oil & ATF in the oil. It may break loose the stuck AFM lifter. Also guy on Crazed Performance channel has a technique he uses to break them loose. Either way AFM must be disable for any long term repair. If lifter is won’t pop or has damage then the AFM delete kit is your only choice. Lots of work. Replace oil to pickup tube O ring if U have it apart. Have fun, Bob

    • @KY Home Garage Sadly you are correct the basic engine and trans are more reliable & better design than Ford or Dodge but the electronics & pollution stuff is poor.

      Intake manifold leaks & manifold wet w/ oil due to poor PVC & breathing design. Fuel driver module above spare where it gets wet w/ winter salt water. Anti theft security that can & does kill the engine while driving. Power windows, locks, air bag collision sensors, brake light switches, cruise all can fail prematurely.

      But oh that LS engine as a daily driver when it’s running good is the Best!! For overall reliability, fuel economy, power, drivability A++.

      I’m a Ford guy & they’re way better everyday drivers than Ford or Dodge.

      Since you replaced w/ DOD (AFM) parts & did one bank, make sure you disable AFM w/ dongle. Or use crazed performance method & butcher the solenoid plate. Otherwise U may have to do it again. UGH!!

  9. just a quick question are you all self-taught and how did you learn was it all YouTube and Google or what was your method

    • Josh Clark I am 100% Youtube certified my friend a lot of reading and spending countless amount of time in my garage playing with scope and other diagnostic equipment.👍


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