1. In the 70’s and 80’s a lot of custom and street machine folk deseamed their Mini’s . I never saw one that looked good, unfortunately I still haven’t ….Sorry Chip.
    I have a E46 M3 and a Mini Cooper, the only way to get a an M3 plant into a Mini would be to build a space frame chassis and stretch what’s left of a Mini over the top of it. Even then you would probably only have enough space for a single seat somewhere to the rear of the car…. Have a look at Bad Obsession Motorsport Project Binky ….. Nik Blackhurst…… beyond words….No reality TV crap, just understated talent…

  2. I don’t think Chip realises quite how small a Mini is. The BMW Mini is miles bigger than the original one. Chopping the roof & big wheel simply wouldn’t work. You could fit a bigger engine if the nose was extended – I have seen a Jag V12 Mini, but the nose was as long as the rest of the car!

  3. I like it, it looks like what it should have evolved into while still being a mini, before British Leyland ruined everything with rubbish cars.


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