1. The times you dont land the footjam whip are the times you spin the frame round way to fast. Slow it down and be more chilled with it and you’ll land it every single time

  2. 356 people dont like watching Chris bmx as the big bhoy is showing them up 鉂ゐ煆大爜爜Ⅲ爜丑爜s爜大爜筐煆大爜爜Ⅲ爜丑爜s爜大爜筐煆大爜爜Ⅲ爜丑爜s爜大爜筐煆大爜爜Ⅲ爜丑爜s爜大爜筐煆大爜爜Ⅲ爜丑爜s爜大爜筐煆大爜爜Ⅲ爜丑爜s爜大爜库湆

  3. Chris with the absolute legend move giving 25% off after landing the barspins 馃憣馃徎 this is why he鈥檚 one of my favourites on YouTube

  4. dude please give away your old bike to me lol, ive always wanted to try out bmx, just hadn’t had funds for a proper bike…


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