1. A 900 sold last week at auction for £23,000 . It only had 10k miles. 1993. Anglia auctions. I think you can see the auction for it in you tube. Best wishes mark

  2. Thanks for doing another auction! Was watching this one since I have a similar ride ! Shocked it didn’t go for more . I bet reserve was over 5k for sure .

  3. Values for even base model 99s and 900s are rising a lot. Here in Sweden you could find a good condition Saab for 20-25 000 SEK with low miles, but you see a lot of these cars being exported to Germany where they’re worth twice as much, which brings the prices up in our market. Turbo models are already getting into the 6 figures (5 figures if you speak Dollars lol), now is the time to buy a classic Saab!

    I’m super happy since I recently got a Saab 99 GL with a 4-speed manual and 10500 US miles for 1800 US dollars, after some haggling. I could probably sell it for 2500 if I fix some small cosmetic issues but I want to keep this car!

  4. The non-turbo 900’s are pretty spirited with a manual. I have a 1990 manual sedan and it is fun on curvy roads. Just not as fun as turbos. I think the automatic holds the price down, but such a nice example should fetch the $5k you guessed. I have never seen one that doesn’t have a passenger floor board patch! 3 doors would help the price too, but not for me. I like the pert looking butt’s of the sedans.I enjoy your narrating!

  5. A low mileage classic 900 in good condition from this era goes for almost 15.000 in some places in Europe. Those are turbos with a manual transmission, though.

  6. That’s not low mileage! Tom Donney bought my 84 900 with 800 original miles on it! You can see it at the Saab Heritage Museum in Sturgis!


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