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    • I have a 2006 mercedes CLK 350 that has 100.000km sometimes it smokes on start up every one two month
      What do you think is the problem ?
      Is it worth it to fix it ?

    • Thinking about buying a Triumph Spitfire MK4 from Gateway Classic Cars. It’s in excellent showroom shape and has only 54k well maintained miles. What do you think Scotty?

      (I’ve got a mechanic repair manual already for it, thanks to my grandpa)

    • Hey Scotty i have a 2004 rav4 doest start i think it battery it might not have juice because its bean sitting there in the garage

  2. I’m thinking about all the dash boards and steering wheel that is going to be ruined by some of the chemicals people are using on their interior of the car that’s not safe for the interior to disinfect their car. I’m pretty sure warranty is not going to cover that.

  3. HAHAHA you are right! I just jump started my car yesterday because it has been sitting there since 3/12. Thank you!

  4. I agree with SK. Avoid having vehicles sit for extended periods if you can but if required, start & move it. Run the A/C 🌡 too. Run the engine, open & close all the doors, trunk. I had my late mom’s 1997 GM cavalier with 17000+ mi break down & need major repairs after 2yr. It was bad.

  5. Holy Cow Scotty! You now have over 3.19 MILLION subscribers. You have more than four times as many fans as the entire population of Alaska. Congratulations!

  6. Scotty, just wondering, when was the last time you parked a car in your garage? You’re a hoot. Thanks for the humor.😎😁☺

  7. We had to change the battery in our 2015 Chevy Spark. Our 2007 Fit is sitting in our driveway also with a drained battery, haven’t tried to boost it but am pretty confident it will just start up. The 1994 Mitsu Delica L400 is another story, I think there’s a short near the alternator… haha

  8. Since I’m quarantine at home which is so boring still got do right thing always start up my car so won’t just there making engine go bad not drivable which hate always be in my car 24/7 or at least ride around so car won’t be sitting there going bad these things can happen when a car sits. I’ve seen old cars that had been broken down on properties with flat tires, rusted paint and collecting dust most important thing going out cranking up car so won’t sit there until this pandemic is over with I miss the old world I tell u.


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