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    • Scotty what do you think of all Toyota Tacoma’s being built in Mexico? I am weighing my options for getting one, would save over 200 a month on the payments and they hold their value well. I’m sure the Toyota faithful (which I’m not) think they are built by elders in an ivory tower in Japan. Just wondering do you think their quality control will slip with this move?

  2. GM knows how to sell inferior trucks by selling superior bells and whistles ie; flashy tailgate, nice interior , blah, blah, blah.

  3. This guy is all about the old school toyota Corolla. Update man people want comfort. To me I don’t really care about the mpg thing. Cars now days my friend you lease them and in 2 years you get a new one so I don’t care if is going last a lifetime. Talk about power, speed, comfort etc; it’s always about how long is gonna last or how much gas it uses. Cars will be driving by itself and you be talking about mpg.

  4. Let’s just only talk about GM, well ford trucks are coming from the factory with the death wobble and transmission problems, they’re facing a lawsuit for the death wobble. Maybe I should start my own YouTube channel with actual non biased content.

  5. *If the car mfrs cared about their customers they’d hire Scotty to be a consultant to improve things, but have they?….NO.*

  6. Sell the Tiguan to a dealer (CarMax, Carvanna, Vroom, Shift) right before month 5 is up. Even if you have to pay & assuming China-19 is over it’ll probably be way less than 2K.


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