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  2. Back in 1986-88, I had the strangest setup; that allowed me to cruise around town, a good 40 miles over the speed limit all the time. It was my first car! A *1966 El Camino.*
    I bought it from my Grandfather; he had it since it was new. Here’s the crazy: I would be cruising along and the engine would just fall on its face for about 3 seconds.
    It took some scenarios to realize it, but it would only happen when a cop was using his radar gun in the direction I was coming, I never got a ticket during that age 16 to 18.
    All I can figure it was; he put a splash plate under the distributor points that was made of old timely corrugated aluminum. Or the El Camino was alive.

  3. Gasoline is a 1$ cheaper here than it was a few months ago so I’m not as fuel conservative now so I’ve noticed I accelerate faster and drive faster

  4. The kid near me with the 600hp Moosetang is sure testing out his rev limiter.
    I swear I’m living near an IHRA 1/8th mile track. Cops cannot hear with windows rolled up.
    Guys! It’s springtime, roll em down and listen.

  5. 🤣🤣🤣 Oh my God…
    A door flying open just rolling down the back window…😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣

  6. But have you ever seen a GM car in the last fifty years where some bean counter hasn’t put in their two cents somewhere, to save two cents. I don’t care the price, that’s GM, and I have owned quite a few.

  7. I usually drive 5 over unless I’m in a residential area, then I do the speed limit. There is a road on the way to my girlfriend’s house that goes through plain open fields. As long as I can see there’s no animals near the road and no other people on or near the road then I usually floor it. I drive a fiesta st so it ain’t that fast but it sure is fun.

  8. Since I retired no more motorcycle no more fast car I can’t drive 55, just like Sammy Hagar🏎️🏎️

  9. I am preparing my 94′ Celica with a black front face mask Bra to be in compliance with the Covid Lock down. “Wink”

  10. Going for a recreational drive used to be a rather enjoyable chillout activity (call it therapy… whatever…) however for some reason British police do not take kindly to just going for a drive any more. I don’t get it. I’m on my own. In my own car. Staying well away from other humans. What’s the problem?

  11. Hell people have been breaking federal law by the tens of millions for decades by buying selling and using cannabis.

  12. the reason stuff not work right is they rush making the car then they dont check it good then they have to recall do it right 1st time then u be ok

  13. The 122 Volvos (which I love) love to rust floors, around the head lights you name it BUT damn they are so pretty.

  14. OMG! Scotty is always on point. Although, it takes less time to commute. It has been crazy!!! I almost been hit by crazy drivers and only a few cars on the road! Why?! The SPEEDING!!! Unbelievable. Most are going over 85mph.


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