1. I Told You About This Vehicle But Nobody Listened: https://youtu.be/o3a8vMHwCn0

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    • @Zzzzf Manual trans use synchronizers rings to engage the gears. 5th gear and synchro are probably too far gone. And,
      Or your clutch and release bearings are worn
      out too. You can smell a burnt clutch and feel slippage, shaking shuddering.
      Every time you grind a gear shifting, metal shavings cause more wear and damage.
      On some stick cars, there is also a pilot bushing in the crankshaft flywheel end.
      This aligns the input shaft of the transmission. I replace it with the clutch.

    • Just bought a 1990 Dodge b350 extended van with a falcon conversion what do you think of this particular van of that year’s got a 360

  2. What do you think of a 2015 Ford focus w 80500 miles?? I know not the best car, w my credit its about the best I can do right now

  3. Don’t lease OR finance a car. Pay cash! If you can’t afford the car the day you want to buy it, then you can’t afford it! This is why America is in debt!

  4. An honest mechanic for me is someone who can replace a door handle on my truck. Without having to inspect the entire vehicle before hand or by telling me that I have to return the door handle because they have to buy it just in case it doesn’t fit, even though I bought that door handle from the factory.

  5. What’s up Scotty? I have an 04 Taurus with CAT- converter problems with the two on the engine. Should I keep the car or junk it?

  6. There is no honest for nothing. Every single car I have ever had in my life somebody has tried to rip me off a matter what I got done so it so from now on I will be doing everything on my own. And honestly right now it’s getting even worse everybody’s just trying to nickel and dime you. That’s why I don’t even take my car to the shop no more if I get anything done I’ll do it at the dealership or myself.

  7. About the reliability of timing chains, I’ve got something to say about modern BMW’s: they suck! They use three timing chains on the bigger 3 litre and 4 litre engines and the one on top, guess what, snaps! On the 2016 BMW 740 Diesel model you have to take the engine out to replace the damn thing, on the X5 and X6 SUV’s you can work with it in the vehicle but it is a real pain until you get to it, so it costs a lot of time and money. I had a customer at my old service with the top timing chain broken after approx 120.000 Km (70.000 miles) and he didn’t abbuse the thing, it just snapped on the highway at cruising speed! Make your due diligence regarding the car you want, people, or it will bite you in the backside! 😂

  8. What was the point of this video and his thousands of other videos? If he really is being shutdown, why doesn’t he disappear for good instead of making hundreds of new videos


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