1. The Chevy 2500 I’m currently putting up vids on, needs the same thing. This one’s 4 wire. 2 for the brake light, and 2 for the compartment light (bed light). It uses a 4 wire trailer wiring harness set up and plugs.

  2. Most ford pickup trucks (especially superdutys ) have the extra wire for the camper shell 3rd brake light (light green wire sticking out of the harness, sometimes covered up with electrical tape so it may be hard to see or locate)

  3. Great DIY video Brian! I remember wiring up the cap on my ’97 S10, but just spliced into the existing wire harness for the rear brakes. It was always a pain if I wanted to remove the cap. This is an excellent solution. Thanks!

  4. I normally encapsulate a ground terminal with silicone adhesive after the connection is made; I like to use the clear ‘household’ stuff that doesn’t smell of acetic acid ‘vinegar’. I place a dollop of silicone and spread it around a little to ensure the exposed terminal surface is well covered. I also place a drop of silicone adhesive into the connector before placing the wire into it and crimping. The crimping action ensures you have a metal to metal connection, so you don’t have to worry about the silicone interfering with electrical conductivity.

  5. You have a way of making what seems like a simple diy even better with high quality workmanship. And I didn’t know that trick with soldering iron to heat the shrink tubing, it’s always a hassle to have to bring both the soldering iron and heat gun especially for just one wire.


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