1. I’ve been doing this for a year now myself, go on craigslist and put 1500 as max price and you’ll find lots of junk but also potential. Keep in mind most states require you to have a dealers license to efficiently sell cars. I don’t have a dealers license and in order to get one you need a shop, so I would register the car and rush the title which would take a couple months and drive the car till I get the title and I sell it. With a dealers license, you would be able to skip the step of registering the car and waiting for the title, you can do a title transfer to the new buyer so if you were to buy a car and fix it the same day you could sell it that day.

  2. Wouldn’t it be better for business reputation as a mechanic to sell cars without check engine lights or mechanical defects? Maybe they would refer more people to you, or pay you for the repair.

  3. Currently I drive a 2006 Ram with a 5 7 in it. I want to sell or trade it for a manual mustang. I feel like i could at least get what Im in it not including gas.

  4. Thx for releasing this one man. Ive busted ass cranking out tickets at work to get enough capital to “risk” it on trying my first flip. Going to look at your books too for sure. This information is gold, i feel like i just found out secrets. Much respect

  5. Being a fan of yours, and your flip videos (btw ur website doesnt work) ive always wondered…

    …how many times do people actually test drive the cars? Is there a price range say, 5k or less, when people usually dont drive it for long?

    What tips or advice do you have for “controlling the conversation” during a test drive?


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