1. Good thing you pointed out that they are emergency use only. I see alot of people use these for ‘weekend projects’, as you said.

    • +Gutierrez Gerdardo Thanks for checking us out! We would recommend weekend project doers to invest in a jack and jack stands rather than relying on this scissor jack for sure. 1AAuto.com

  2. I always use mine at home with jack stand and all other precautions to include my floor jack if needed! I also use my battery operated impact !! Works great !!

    • +FroztiProductions Thanks for watching! Yes you will want to rest the car on jack stands if you are doing any kind of repair! You don’t want the vehicle resting on a scissor jack too long, this is just for quick things like changing a spare tire.

    • +msjadeli Thank you! We love empowering our customers and showing how to perform DIY auto repairs with our high-quality auto parts. 1AAuto.com


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