1. Hey Tyler, I got a sweet ride for you. 2000 Lexus LX470 with 100k always garaged and like new in and out . 10 grand is fair because this is grade A merch. I can send you my cell if you want to see how damn nice this rig is.

  2. Once I bought the cheapest 944 Turbo I could find… big mistake as you could guess. Ended up spending as much fixing it as I paid for it initially.

  3. OH! you would love my OCT 31 built in”98, 09 year model; No IMS issue. However , it has been replaced w a LN IMS bearing.. It actually had a 2 row IMS bearing from the the start. Just to be safe I

  4. I almost bought one for $4800, which was the lowest in the US at the time. I test drove it and it was pretty meh. At the time I was doing a lot of motorcycle riding so to be fair even a Lambo would have been meh lmao. Moto > cage any day of the week…….except on rainy days lol. Also the car had no history or records of any kind, who knows how much more it would have cost to fix all the little nick nacks and then if the motor ever failed, the repair costs are pretty ridiculous. So in the end I’m kind of glad I didn’t buy it.

  5. This Type 996 was the ugliest 911 Porsche ever designed.
    It doesn’t have the classic pizzazz of its predecessor, the 993, or the subtle sophistication of the successor, the 997.
    At least the moonroof works though.
    Love the theme song Hoovie.
    So 80s and new wave synthesized.


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