1. Bad Toyotas You Need to Avoid: https://youtu.be/9DFul_-fu0k

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    • Hey i have a 2010 toyota corrolla S

      I only get 185-200 miles per tank and most of those are highway miles, based on what i have read, i should be getting better gas milage. Is there anything i should check that might be making it run more inefficient? Thanks, Josh

    • @Josh That does not make sense, Even my Nissan sentra 1999 without VVT can make 300 miles in 9 gallons tank. Corolla 2010 can make 36 mpg if you drive in interstate at 60-70mph. If you drive at 90mph, offcourse it will drop significantly. I test drive for 1000 miles on my Corolla 2020 hybrid. At 60mph I can get 60mpg, at 70mph 52mpg, at 85mph less than 40mpg. The wind drag power is proportional to speed squared. The most efficient speed in corolla is about 50 mph when it is in top gear with optimum torque range to compensate wind drag.

  2. The MPG test calculation changed, so the 2013 would have had a lower MPG estimate based on the current standards.
    So, in the real world, there is much more than 1 mpg difference.

  3. You know there was a day when they made electronics and devices that lasted, take voyager for instance. Its out of solar system in the intense radiation by Jupiter/Saturn and cpu/uart(
    Universal asynchronous receiver transmitter) 1802/6402 four bit and still working. Puts fix it again tony to shame.

  4. Scotty whats your opinion on those dumb lug BOLTS? I work at a chrysler dealership and they sell plenty of garbage that i habe to work on, and they have those dumb lug bolts. How do you feel about those? If they strip out you need a hub, if a nut strips you just need a stud.


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