1. Now time to put some serious suspension on that bad girl! And put a bad ass LS in it and have like a 600hp muddin/climbing truck!!! Cmon mike!!!!!!

  2. The blazer had a good run and if you get it going again I’d really like to see it die by it’s own hand not shooting it but I was fun while it lasted

  3. It’s been such a long day and amazingly the blazer is still working, now we’re gonna shoot it🤣🤣🤣

  4. In addition to make your Blazer bulletproof try half-inch AR plate in the vital areas it should pass the hundred-yard test but you add about 2 tons of weight lol

  5. Yeah why not, a little spinal compression….wheel chairs have wheels. You could mod it like crazy. Or you could not jump.

  6. Now it is going to get water inside the cage and rust out. You won’t know until you go upside down and it breaks.

  7. Steve doesn’t have the money you do, I don’t have the money you have. For you to hit his daily and laugh about it was a dick move. I would have hit your truck on the way out and ended our friendship that day.

  8. Steve can relax. All his vehicles are trash. He’s trash. He hand picks from the tin cans from the recycle bin. How can he be mad

  9. How could you build something so fun and then shoot at it? You just threw away a $5000 machine that ate Jeeps for breakfast.

  10. What happened? Did you make Steve cry for putting a little scratch in the avalanche and he went home or what? Lmao 😂


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