1. You can get a Limited Run MOD MAX Tee shirt here!: https://mightycarmods.com/collections/clothing/products/mod-max-shirt

  2. Blows my mind to see we are in a time when you can literally get your car tuned from someone whos in their bedroom having tofu in their underwear absolutely amazing

  3. I’m a bit late.. But if any Aussie’s havn’t seen it…. Some blokes from the US ARMY play music

  4. Hello penal colony members down under. Canadians have been avoiding the conscription draft by hiding just above American’s sight line.

  5. Thought I was the only one who thought it sounded like “Marty Car Mods” Been commenting that since the original 2Sxy videos!

  6. Canadians ehh.. I’ve heard they wonder why you sell sweaters in Australia 😂. I ithink I could benefit a little from from Australian weather.

  7. Marty, I know this may not mean much coming from a random guy on the internet, but coming from season 1 episode 1 to what you’ve done on your own for this car, makes me extremely proud of the progression you’ve made. Good Work.

  8. sorry Marty, but when you talked about the wires, all I heard was wah wah wah, wah wah wah wah!……..good luck mate!

  9. Cleaning cars out can be an interesting ordeal. I remember a friend bought a car and decided to open up all the panels to make sure there weren’t any rats or other badness. Instead they found a baggie of drugs

  10. Marty’s shirt at the end! I want one! Heading over to the MCM online store right away! I want it on shirts and hoodies! I want MCM on everything!

  11. I like seeing you guys together. Y’all seem happier. It was almost like you guys hated being on camera without the other lol. Plus, the contrast amongst you two is hilarious. I REALLY wanted to come to Australia this year to TRY to meet you guys but…Corona 😔😒

  12. wow Moog cleaned some carbies and Marty is rebuilding the entire car. Would not have guessed that would happen when they were both revealed. Thought it would be the opposite.


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