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  2. Donuts around a cone – within a ring of cones. Count ends if you hit the outer ring.
    Drag race
    Shopping trolley dodge

  3. Challange: extreme bumpy road, 60mph and full glass of water in the hand. See after 100 metres who has the most water in it…

  4. 1. 2 day road trip with outdoor sleeping (necessary gear to be carried onboard)
    2. fastest lap on a circuit in reverse
    3. endurance race

    4. best skid (to be judged by the skid factory)
    5. fuel economy (over the entire contest)

    Greeting from Switzerland where the rules for modifying your car are even more strict than Germany 🙁

  5. I would really love to see you two battle out a hill climb. Those are some of my favorite racing events. Please have one of your challenges be a hill climb.

  6. Challenge idea : in some random parking lot sat in park, crank the wheels to lock on one side and just smash the gas and whatever happens happens. Reason : I just wanna see it but also it’s a test to see turning radias verses power and how quick you guy can upchuck your kebabs.

  7. Two suggestions for challenges. Let’s see a reverse slalom challenge and a J-turn challenge!
    For the J-turn, you have 50 meters to reverse, turn, and get maximum speed. Highest speed out the other side wins.

  8. Go to whoa, 0 – 100 – 0.
    1/4 mile drag race.
    Quickest lap time, best time out of a 20 minute stint.
    Top speed run.
    Drift challenge.
    Rally stage.


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