1. Putting a gasoline engine in would have been the biggest mistake ever. For a reason I didnt hear you mention..Explosions on a boat are very real and happen most often on Gasoline powered boats. You would have to have large blowers in the engine compartment to evacuate the fumes from the gasoline vapors in the hold. Diesel is far safer, more reliable and will out last any gasoline engine. I think your just bouncing a lot of Ideas around, which is fine. just remember the engineers who designed your boat are waaaaaay smarter than you about boats. Don’t mess with what works. Have them both rebuilt by professionals..Have fun boating, instead of all the headaches with engine swapping. Oh yeah, one more thing Never run a knocking engine. It came with two for a reason. so you could shut one off in emergencies, and get home on the other.. Nice boat.. Happy sails…

  2. sure, sticking with Diesel is the safe way to go for the value. BUT this is B is for Build. don’t go boring. My vote is Hybrid Tesla motors with a diesel generator. it’s one of the only platforms that can handle it. AND it creates a possibility of increasing interest and therefore higher value. AND way more interest toward the channel to be honest.

  3. You should definitely go with gas engines because the burntacon worked out so well. Looking forward to a guaranteed train wreck.

  4. Gasoline engines should be good for about 3 gallons per mile in that boat in spite of the optimistic numbers you quoted, unless they were PER ENGINE. You might get close to 1 mile per gallon with diesel engines. Volvo Penta has a reputation for being a high quality engine that is extremely expensive to repair compared to other marine engines.


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