1. Thissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
    Snake in the bush nearby hisses and tells its friend, “don’t worry guys it’s Doug again “.

  2. These coupe suvs will remain relevant for years to come as many celebrities and business owners buy them here in Jamaica.

  3. @9:53 I disagree Doug. I actually think the two crazy colors go well together. The car has the same color combo of a pair of fancy soccer cleats! I think it makes the car stand out, like it should. And frankly, think if the calipers weren’t bright acid green… I think it wouldn’t look as striking, and the acid green around the badging wouldn’t be enough contrasting color, which would then make the car look more strange and unfinished-looking in my opinion. Let me know what you think if you want, and great job on the review!

  4. This guy did not do his homework and he has a poisoned view of this great car. Example: he liked the head-room in the Cayenne Coupe, but he does’nt t know that Porsche lowered the rear seats about an inch to give better head-room for the rear passengers. He should be evaluating donkeys not Porsches!!

  5. This car is gorgeous! But, I don’t like that color and it’s BS that you don’t get ventilated seats for more than $100K! And a carbon fiber roof over a pano-sunroof? I don’t think so!!

  6. It’s massive, it’s heavy, it only seats four people, and the cargo area is compromised. What is the point in this vehicle?

  7. These German automakers do not what to do anymore, who needs a 600+ HP and almost 6,000 pound vehicle. Don’t get me wrong this Cayenne is beautiful except for the color, I’m not a fan of. The average buyer in this segment doesn’t need all that power, they’re definitely not going to the tracks either. 99.9% of the buyers won’t ever use all the power this Coupe has to offer, the same goes to the others BMW, BENZ, etc. But I guess it all started with the Americans. A 400 HP SUV should be plenty and enough.

  8. Porsche is not the only manufacturer that puts that type of sensor in its grill for the radar cruise control. Jeep (FCA) does it and my 2015 Grand Cherokee has the same one as well.


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