1. One of my neighbors, used to have an 02 3 series. They got rid of it, cause it was leaving pools of oil and smelled bad. I bet it was one of the things you mentioned.

  2. I had a 2010 BMW 325i. 150k mi. Bought used w/100k. Loved it. Great ride. Then one day it wouldn’t start. Found fuel pump was dead. This is the one year BMW sealed the pump in the gas tank. My mechanic wouldn’t attempt it. He said it’s a dealership job. Dealership wanted $8500. They have to raise the car, remove sub assembly, gas tank, replace fuel pump and put everything back. I got rid of the car. BMW – THE ULTIMATE DRIVING MISTAKE.

  3. Control arm does not need to come out to do bushings I just did mine legit last week when u unbolt the bushing the back of the control arm drops down very easy their is more then enough room to slide off and on the new bushings I just did mine on same exact carr I have pics I took with the control arm still installed 2002 bmw 325i did the bushings in 15 mins did not take the control arms out when u loosen the bushing at the 2 bolts take a pry bar and pry very little the back of the control arm that goes thru the bushings drops rite down I wish their was a way for me to upload the pics I took doing it with the control arm still installed I have pics it doesnt let me upload them to show u

    • He said that if you watch video again. He says “you have to take the control arms off”. ” Or just unbolt the backside and drop it down and press bushings out”. Without taking it all off.

  4. Good info, I upgraded my whole cooling system..only 77k on my 99 but I’ll be checking for the other things, subscribed.


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