1. Anyone have a better name than 2YURIOUS for the Civic?? Mustang video will be out next Sunday! See the buying video for the Civic and Foxbody ➡️ https://youtu.be/xwD32yNuATw

  2. Wait WHAT? I’m confused @16:43 “260 000 km, is that your real mileage”? They use kilometers but then refer to it as miles? MIND BLOWN.

  3. I use to have Honda Civic EX 1994 EG. I bought it new and own it for 21 years and had 218,000 miles. The Civic was fun but the seats were not because they were killing my back whenever I drive too long. So I decided replace them with an aftermarket seats. The aftermarket seats made a big differents because it lighten the car plus, it consume less fuel. I was thinking of putting big Wilwood calipers at the front but did not. I had to sell the Civic because the had too much engine problem. I miss that car……

  4. Was whoever painted it color blind or something? The colors are HIDEOUS. Would have looked better (but still bad) if they’d gone with more yellow rather then yellow/orange. Or used black or dark red even instead of blue.


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