1. After getting home found out that the engine is a little hurt 😔 can definitely
    hear that its down a cylinder. Everything in the valve train looks good but it will need pulled apart to be looked at. That’s the name of the game though, car still runs decent when reved up so hopefully can get it fixed quick!

    • If it’s another cracked block you guys need to seriously consider ditching the k-series. Those things have been nothing but problems while that old H22 in the ‘lude has been dead reliable at similar power numbers.

    • @Hello Hellolmao you think ? The only suggestions he will take are like paint schemes, tint % stuff like that. If it’s anything that matters like a suggestion about an engine building technique, a racing technique, or telling him how to do or what to do about anything he would slice his throat from ear to ear before taking advice from a subscriber. People have been suggesting that for months. Since the first time the wheels came off the ground. He doesn’t like taking suggestions, completely ignores dam near 99.998% of every suggestion
      He would have been in the 8’s like 2 full motors and 3 top ends ago. Dude will throw together motors in a dirty shop with plastic gauge with non calibrated equipment until all k series are put on the endangered species list.


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