1. The problem was caused by the chain. I have heard the same noise from New Process transfer cases in GM products many times.

  2. Hey guys you should do a video on how to change the front head light trays both my bolts to move the light assembly are now broken, i hear its a 3 hour job?

  3. You should make a video about the common mk5 sunroof leak and how to replace the tube coming from the rear pillar.πŸ˜”πŸ˜

  4. Awesome video (at least the how-to swap part, not sure about the destructive inspection LOL). Great reference for the near future as I have the same noise on my ’06 v10, although it only does it briefly under WOT from a stop (so I don’t do that). I would have guessed the noise is a stretched chain hitting the case, AND… it looks like there are some – look at 1:57 at the bottom of the case. Look at those worn ribs! The chain won’t show wear, it’s much harder than the aluminum case.

  5. Definitely tore a Jeep transfer case apart that sounded the same. There was no carnage in that either. What is happening is the chain is stretching and the lubricating fluid is keeping the metal from chipping away when the chain skips a tooth.

  6. I’ve had a 4wd front wheel hub skipping and sounding terrible like your video. I took it apart and no damage was visible, just wasn’t engaging 100%. I’d suggest the stepper engagement was playing up

  7. I guarantee the chain has stretched and jumps the teeth. It’s common on many vehicles with transfer cases like Land Rover/Range rovers, Jeep’s etc.

    Never start hitting things in a gear box with a hammer, I am surprised you didn’t end up getting shrapnel in the face or body…. Very dangerous, use a copper/hide/de blow hammer like you started using on the second day.

  8. Its like watching a monkey playing with a hand grenade ,, you know what happens wont be pretty , but youve just got to keep watching.

  9. 1:19
    Airgun makes the same sound as the transfer case did.
    I know the problem , someone left their airgun inside the transfer case. 😁

  10. Mine used to do that once in a while – was just stepper motor causing it – since you took the stepper out, could it still be whatever the stepper actuates? – or does the stepper just put the squeeze on the clutch pack? I know when I tried to pull the drive shaft it took two men and a boy to get the damn thing loose. It was like it was welded on.

  11. 100% chain, I have had the same in a toyota gearbox, get the measurement from VW and you will find it has stretched

  12. I got my ’05 Treg back from Dealership maint… After an oil change, the dipstick level was above Full mark while on level ground. Should I be concerned that Tech did this on purpose so leaks may develop in the future?

  13. That chain was stretched badly, and would have slapped around and likely jumping teeth. You made no observation or bothered to measured chain stretch.

  14. So what is the deal with the stepper motor? i have the low speed sharp turn tire scrub. you mentioned the stepper causes it last video, but never explained. even when i asked, great audience engagement.

  15. Hey DAP, I placed an order one week ago and cannot seem to get in contact with you regarding status. What do I need to do to get my items or refund, please??

  16. Thanks guys. I’m fixing a TReg as well. Can’t wait for your next update with it.
    Questions, one my lower control arms on my β€˜04 Treg is busted. Should I go ahead and do both lower control arms? Entire upper and lower arms on both sides? What parts brand do you recommend?
    Just wondering. This car is a keeper so looking for expert opinion.


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