0:00 Intro
    0:08 Cedric McMillan Olympia Wildcard?
    3:00 Chicago Pro Preview (Nick, Justin, Akim, Josh, Keone)
    6:16 Matt Mendenhall Bodybuilding History
    7:10 Eddie Hall RIPPED at 360lbs + Boxing Footage

    • I hope Eddie and Hafthor don’t seriously try to hurt each other. What are they fighting over again…whose deadlift counts more? Reminds me of a couple of third graders. This makes money for Eddie and Hafthor, and I hope neither get a concussion to go along with that big payday. I hope the fight is called off. It seems like a reflection of really poor sportsmanship in the world of Strongman that its top athletes are going to beat each other up to entertain people.

  2. Someone asked Cedric on IG (I follow him) how does he manage to juggle a full time ARMY commitment and bodybuilding career being that both require so much commitment. He said in so many words ” that’s why I lose bc other guys can do everything perfect while he can’t bc of military commitment “

  3. Is Cedric sill in the Army? How the hell does he pass his fitness tests at his weight? I remember when I was a Marine, and my run time got slower and slower the more I bulked up in weight. When I joined I more than maxed out my crunches, pull-ups, and almost maxed out the run time. As I put on more muscle I just couldn’t perform as well. For pull-ups, the perfect body to have is a big strong upper back and tiny waist and legs.

  4. Had no idea Cedric was still in the Army! There was a guy at our medical wing on Whiteman AFB that looked like he could be a pro! He did my check up for me, dude was an absolute mass monster!


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