1. Yates is right. Gates is a well known eugenicist scumbag. Do ur own research. Gates can shove his vaccines up his ass.

  2. He might be referring to bill gates’ father who was on the board of planned Parenthood. Margaret sanger was a eugenics elitist and absolutely believed in population control and reduction, especially of minority children, that’s known. Also gates DID retire as CEO of microsoft two weeks before the corona stock crash. Ceo’s can only access their stocks upon retirement. (He’s not the only one, dozens of corporate CEO s retired) so at the very least he new when it was going to crash the market amd he got hos profits. His background is not poor guy
    creates microsoft from his garage. He’s an elitist that comes from money.

  3. I wouldnt even buy an operating system from Bill Gates, so -9000% chance of me getting a vaccine from him. Go Dorian!

  4. Unfortunately nick I think that you should look into this a bit more bro! There is certainly “real depth” to the comment that Dorian Yates left on Bills Gates post. The vast majority of the information you probably think you know regarding Gates & many other of the higher ups in America is completely false. Propagated by the media which they have their hands in controlling. Yates is legitimately pointing to the truth in his comment and as usual, the truth is hard to hear or acknowledge. Look into Bill Gates! Not the man whatsoever that you are seeing on the surface.

  5. Conspiracy theories such as this one can only originate from U.S:A sorry >< They are ridiculous, is what I am trying to say.

  6. Speak your mind Yates. We are with you. We seen whats going on and i’m glad you spoke out and pointing out the obvious. People are going to hate on your post maybe because they don’t want to believe it or just too ignorant. If we can take away one thing from 9/11 is that you can not trust to mainstream story.


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