1. Is it worth focusi g on your biceps if you are beginner/intermediate? Say, I want to put on 80/100 kilos on the deadlift… should I still do a set or two of curls?

  2. Hey John, thanks for these amazing tips and workout!
    I was wondering if you have extra tips for people who have longer arms,
    and for my case there’s a gap between the bicep to front part of elbow joint.

  3. 10 min bike ride, 10 min band warmup mimicking whatever exercises your doing. High reps(50 ish). Joints feel good , muscles get warm, body comes up to operating temperature.then hit the weights

  4. John where can I enjoy an in-the-trenches look at peak size/condition you pre or post contest, your most hardcore days? You are my go-to for where the thinking, successful, family mans’ bodybuilding career goes post 40 (just turned 32, everything you post is super relevant on many levels) – BAppSc(Ex&SpSc) so get the training bit, call them Meadows Rows at work (World Gym Sydney) and appreciate that aspect of you but I’m a genuine fan of your physique – you’re grainy, dense and not missing anything, how do I buy a mitsuru okabe-style meadows DVD for my collection? I’ve watched and enjoyed life story but you must have documented some of your competitive experiences on film, am I missing where to buy it? Or a poster to frame for the gym? You’re a lot of awesome things as mentioned but the most impressive to me will always be IFBB Pro because you fought so hard, it’s an exciting, motivational story everyone in my family can enjoy. Sorry for essay. Thankyou so much. JWB.

  5. I get a nasty pump on the left side of my body. Right side I get zero pump, especially my right bicep and im right handed. Not sure what to do anymore. My right side isnt growing because of getting no pump.


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