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    • Haha stop advertising Donuts John! When your trying to help people get ripped!!! I’m sure this is done as a joke! Lmao

    • A quick question, is there any real benefit to counting fats and carbohydrates? In my experience, there isn’t but I just want to make sure I’m not wrong. If it would give like a 5-10% better result of muscle gain per year then I will do it again.

    • @Mikolaj Wesolowski Personally, I hit my protein then I make the rest up with carbs/fats. They always alternate depending on my mood or craving. I’m still loosing fat, and not stressing over macros

  2. So how you continue the process after the refeed day when you have already lowered your everyday calories too much? Do you still continue with the same low amount of calories from where you had your refeed?

  3. This was a great video 🙂 thanks the wealth of knowledge! is there a rule in setting the starting point for Cardio(Energy expenditure) ? should I aim for a specific amount of calories to burn on each cardio session? I’m a 266 lbs/ 6’4 male just for reference.
    I’m grateful for the help!

  4. Bloody hell the man has got a thanos mug, I’m a fan, came here from Kevin pure bull fits channel and Greg doucette, hope all is well, best wishes to you and your family

  5. Little mountain dog over their getting real nice with them yo yo tricks lol great job buddy keep it up!! 👍💪🔥

  6. Hi John, I’m one of those who does not have any relationship and interest with calories and digits, just food. Since my food intake is roughly the same during the measurement phase, I just look at the weight scale, the mirror, and my feeling (blow up, good, or flat) every morning to determine my BMR. Than I add a (half) meal or skip a (half) meal depending on my goal at a particular moment. I just don’t like to “translate” food to calories, because that is just what we do here. It is not so efficient to do things which are not necessary to walk along the same path and reach the same goal. Remember that advanced people have develop reliable, good enough (gut) feeling about their bodies and mind. So I will definitely take this skill also into account. What do you think about this approach?

  7. I had a question, you said the 200 lb guy shouldn’t go below 8 x his calories. So would you calculate this based on the person’s current weight from which they came down to from 200 lbs or would you stick to 200 lbs the whole time?

  8. I’m combat vet Alcoholic with PTSD I can’t believe I have kept Most of my size the only problem is I’m starting to get a gut now I really want to quit drinking and follow a workout regiment I still work out five days a week but I definitely don’t eat right. Anyway thanks for the advice I’m gonna try this out


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