1. Lmao wtf happened to Jerry???? That’s the worst dye job I have ever seen lmao. I didn’t hear a word he said. Was too distracted from the mess on his face and head.

  2. It’s junkie “last place” ward, who in the world would listen to this loser? Hey junkie stop talking and get a job stop living off you’re wife for God sakes it’s time to grow up and at least try to be a man

  3. I’ve taken insulin for years-decades. 10 iu’s of R and never ever once had a problem or anything close to a problem.

    Guys who take too much or take blends of rapid and slower acting insulin are asking for problems and they will have them.

    I never took more than 10 iu’s it’s a little tiny looking amount and sure the temptation to take a extra drop is there and that’s where the problems start. Seen it first hand with other guys.

    Crag Titus was doing 50-70iu/day when he got locked up.

    I been around. Not making anything up.

    Best left alone. Or be SUPER disciplined.


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