1:18 Update of John his football team and heart health
    7:18 Introduction new video series
    9:40 Can an intermediate gain muscle in a calorie deficit at 15 procent bodyfat?
    11:20 ‘Bulldozer’ training 3 days a week
    12:20 how long do workouts typically last?
    12:30 Tips for improving quadriceps seperation
    12:50 Does recovery reduce with age?
    13:40 How to warm up?
    14:28 Training advice for 16 year old
    15:16 Training with sore arms and John his current training split
    16:38 Can you build a wide back with only row movements?
    17:50 Fasted cardio advice
    19:15 Children and weightlifting
    20:50 Warm up sets close to competition
    22:00 Granite news
    23:49 How to kill your quads
    24:50 Thoughts on crash diets
    25:43 Coaching wrestling
    27:00 Is ‘hyper responding’ a real thing?
    27:25 Thoughts on Fouad Abiad competing
    28:30 Does BBQ chicken pizza count as gains?
    29:17 When depleting, how many carbs?
    29:50 Shoulder pain while doing bench press
    30:25 Family v.s. your bodybuilding goals
    34:12 Raise test natural
    36:50 leg extension and knee pain
    37:40 Intensity and mental aspect after heart attack
    40:00 What split when you can do 30 to 45 minutes per workout?
    41:30 thoughts on different types of protein
    42:20 Stubborn tricep advice
    43:15 some fat routine advice
    43:35 some good statement
    43:50 Why did John get in bb?
    44:20 nucleus overload training
    44:40 Respons tot the video controversy with the cardiologist
    45:20 Mind muscle connection upper back
    46:30 Only dumbells during chest workout
    47:30 Nutrition advice for recomp
    51:24 Ever coming to Norway?
    52:26 MK-677
    52:52 Making gains at age 40
    54:17 Why don’t doctors use ‘X’ for TRT?
    55:05 Rest vs results
    56:08 Favourite back exercise
    56:28 How to train an bodypart three times a week?
    57:08 Why do really good professional bodybuilders still use coaches?
    58:55 Is being fat considered a surplus?
    1:00:30 Jojo tricks from John his son

    John, as a physiotherapy student you are truly priceless for me. Thank you so much for taking your time to share your knowledge. Greetings from the Netherlands

  2. I just love your videos and you as a person one of my favorite channels !!
    I always learn somthing new when i watch you 🙂
    Btw from what you said at the start – you aint gonna post any more of these choose your work out? (The push pull split)

  3. Great video with a wealth of information. I am taking your advice and applying it to my own training and seeing results. Especially my quads! Thank you. It’s good to see you looking so well. All the best for your heart MRI.


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