1. Heck no. I know for a fact guys don’t follow protocols 100%. So if a guy decides to do something his coach doesn’t tell him it’s the coaches fault? Blood work all that etc that’s on the athlete at end of the day.

    • Lol I just posted about this the other day. I’ve never fallen through with any protocol including my own
      Not to say I add stuff but get sick of the life style, skip dosages or try to stretch stuff out being cheap

  2. People didn’t need coaches back then. The athletes themselves are uneducated and eager then rush themselves to bad health then point their finger to a grown ass man “guru”

  3. Coach being responsible sounds great, but wtf you gonna do, sue him? As with everything – you are always 100% responsible foe what you put in, put out and get from you.

  4. Doctors are only held responsible for patients health if you can prove medical malpractice. It would be hard to prove malpractice for coaches, even if they weren’t knowledgeable enough to be a “coach” and started their own business which happens all the time…..people can diet themselves and think they found some golden ticket and try to cash in….if they were doing so with the best of intentions/ what they had to offer and were not negligent, the best you could do is wise up and fine a new coach which is what I did 3 times before I found one who worked. I also ended up dieting myself because point blank no body knows you line you know you…if something feels off it probably is….

    I think it should also be said that finding peer reviews of coaches can only be partially credible. There will always be the portion of athletes who respond well to certain practices and others who tank hard and will absolutely bad mouth anyone. Hence the Greg Ducette /Bandon Harding situation. In the beginning it looked as though Greg promised one thing and delivered another, but in the end we found out he gave Brandon far above and beyond what he should have given him for FREE and Brandon still had the balls to try to steamroll Greg’s business simply because his boys were laughing at the plan…..even though he was making damn good gains…..This is definitely a good topic but I don’t think there is any clear way to weed out these coaches other than to expose them…..and on the adverse side to expose the athletes who have no idea what they are complaining about…..


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