1. What do you guys think of the Lighting at the Cali Pro? How bad was it? How can we fix/prevent this in bodybuilding shows in the future? Ideas? Comment Below!

    • You can tell which body belongs to Pat Moore regardless of the lighting. That kind of body should be rewarded and not be forced to get bigger.

    • Let’s not forget that we are using LED bulbs today unlike in the 90’s and that is also making a difference in how conditioned these guys look today compared to the 90’s as well.

  2. I can vaguely remember like MuscleMag or Ironman doing an article about running a bodybuilding show and one of the things discussed with diagrams was lighting. I thought it said all overhead directly or to the front at a 45 degree angle. Can’t believe nobody hasn’t figured this out and passed it along to the lighting companies.

  3. The fools promoting and hosting these bodybuilding shows will listen to nicks strength and power. You do more to promote this sport than anyone out there

  4. You also need to look at the temp of the lighting where in the Cali looks more blue or cooler and the lighting in the N.Y. pro looks more yellow or warmer. These are things that need to be accounted for as well

  5. Obviously there should be a standards. This is supposed to be professional league, so have policies and standards in place. I think they need to look at some shows that the lighting was good and try to come up the best lighting possible for future shows.

  6. When the athletes look purple, you have failed them and their fans. I hope they have a standard set for the Olympia so fans don’t throw their money away


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