1. Less than 10 people on earth can push 315 4-0-1 x20 ? Heath, have some integrity, you have spoken complete nonsense on this channel lately. Ive lost a ton of respect with some of the claims you stand by and techniques you vouch for.

  2. This week Denmark, Austria and the Czech Republic were re-opened, kids back in school, shops open, etc… Germany will re-open on Monday. Mr.Trump is trying to do the same, but being met with criticism by the Left Wing media. He plans to gradually open only areas with low infection levels and social distancing and masks would still be used. Let this great President do his job… let’s get GYMS open (limit the number of people being let in at one time, practice safe distancing, wash your hands)

  3. Should I only be working working out out like 2 muscle groups a day or should I do all the muscle groups in the upper body in one workout

  4. Mike, will you please just take a crack at a 90% or higher 1 rep max flat bench attempt? Throw a 545 or 585 lb bench attempt out there!!!!

  5. I totally believe that there are conservatively less than 10 people in the world doing 20 reps of reverse grip bench, because I’ve never ever seen anyone doing reverse grip bench other than you Mike.

  6. Its inconceivable that you are over 50, controlling 315 underhand for 20 reps and are natural. Please give up the natty card Mike no one natural has that type of strength, Larry wheels may even have trouble doing what you did in this video and he is in his prime age and on a lot of gear

    • Bennett Spence What you say is only your personal opinion but know body knows for sure so he shouldn’t be banged to rights until their is proof of what you are accusing him…..Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion,I just think it should be worded in a different way.But to say it’s almost impossible to reach that strength without gear is totally untrue. Steroids do make you stronger but not as much as most people think,it’s more about enhanced muscle mass when it comes down to using steroids. I’m on the fence myself because I believe everyone is innocent until they are proven to be guilty . Maybe because I’m only a couple of years behind him makes me want to believe he’s natural for my own inspiration…. but even if he is he’s still impressive 🤷‍♂️

  7. Mike vs wheels. I love you mike but my money goes on wheels. All kidding aside i kick myself in the ass for not building a home gym. I want to buy gym quality equipment im trying to figure out what the key equipment is i need i think i need a rack , i need a cable machine ofr sure and a ton of weights i think i can get everything done with that. Any advice . I need a wide ass back so a pull up bar or pull down machine is a must. I wish i knew what the machine is called were you put you sit put you arms up and behind you and pull forward and down in a arc it hits your latts hard-core and when you go back in opens up your rib cage . Can anyone help with that.

  8. That reverse grip bench is amazing, god you make it look as easy as i do one plate on each side thats amazing.


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