1. If Tito isn’t careful and doesn’t start juicing, he won’t be able to hold up that giant head. Why does anyone care what this dude has to say about bodybuilding? He wants everyone on the same playing field, guess what brotato, they ALL do it in bodybuilding.

  2. Tito deserves his accolades for what he has accomplished and done for the sport of MMA. That being said, he’s delusional. He has been for years. The appeal of bodybuilding is seeing the freaky physiques. No one can become a mass monster without some extra help. I’d argue that steroids are a necessary part of bodybuilding. Always have been, always will be.

  3. Skinny old men??? Has Tito seen James Tiny Vest??? Dude is 60 and looks like a Truck! Bill kazmier , Frank Zane??? Frank Zane is like 80 and looks outstanding along with Lou ferrigno!!! That’s why they should have natural competition and men’s or women’s open like the IFBB. Dude needs to do more research#!!

  4. What does a retired competitive mma athlete look and feel like at age 60 after being beaten to the head and body? Like mma fighters bodybuilders push their physiques to the limit knowing full well that many injuries will come as a result along the way.., natty or enhanced. To make a blanket statement that bodybuilders who were on the gear are weak and broken by age 60 is inaccurate.

  5. Here is my problem with Tito. When he was going through that nasty divorce with Jenna Jameson she blew his cover. She posted pics of amp bottles and rigs he had hidden throughout his room. For the life of me I just dont understand how he can sit here and bullshit like that.

  6. LMAO at Tito! He has tested positive himself before for PEDs and has obviously used HGH on the past. Bahaha he is such a hypocrite

  7. He doesn’t fool me. There is big big money involved. You know somewhere in the world a chemist has made a compound that isn’t known to everyone else that enhances performance significantly. They drug test all the drugs everybody knows about. His ass and all the other top tier athletes are probably on something that the general population won’t know about for decades. They must think we’re stupid.

  8. This guy loves to talk 🤣 no room to talk about being healthy especially with the amount of meth this guy has smoked in his past.

  9. That guy he’s totally right I agree with him, but everybody whatever they wanna do!! No steroids for me thanks! No point!!

  10. But if every athlete is allowed to be on steroids there wouldn’t be an advantage on being on them lol think about it

  11. Tito: Uses altitude chamber and ice baths to recover faster

    Also Tito: “put in hard work instead of roids to recover faster” “why not work for it instead of drugs?”

  12. Iron generation is officially a troll channel, just unsubscribed, fed up of them trouble making, nothing worthwhile anymore…nothing you put out now is helpful, you guys are a soap opera now…unsubscribing after this comment.

  13. Or they don’t live to see their later years. Dropping over at a early age from the use or ” abuse” of the steroids.

  14. Then you shouldn’t diet because you get lean… You should get lean without diet. The honest way…. Give me a break. Tito we love you… But nobody wants to look like you. LoL 👍


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