1. These workouts have been a great start to each of my days lately and I’m loving them. I’m one day behind because I like doing them earlier but so grateful for the motivation and the fact that I don’t have to think about what I should do, I just go on your channel and there you are…..thanks a million!!! Awesome leggings by the way!!

  2. Quick question on the program it has reps and sets do we follow the videos instead or the plan ?? I’m a little confused help

    • for the sake of the youtube series I’m going for a more TIME INTENSE version of this program to keep it the most fun and interesting and challenging! So instead of doing the program by sets and reps, I’m converting the workouts to BIG CIRCUITS where you complete ALL exercises one after the other and rest at the end. Also taking the liberty to make the program no-equipment or dumbbell only so more people can do it. Just for the sake of the youtube series! They can be done either way. 🙂

  3. Nice tutorial & coaching…
    Can’t wait for new video…

    Done subscribe your channel…

    Don’t forget to visit & subscribe my channel
    ” Husni Arif creation “

  4. I gotta say… I hate you today 😂🤣. This one killed me and I’m only on round one while writing this comment 😂😘


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