1. Brilliant to see the sign language for those who are hard of hearing, I guess reading subtitles isn’t quite the same and I had never considered that before.

    Now, this might sound like I’m being critical but it really is not. Loving the seniors workout for myself, niece loves her p.e. every school day and I watched this for my dad who has two sticks and balance problems. I thought a chair workout would, well, be from the seated position in the chair or even using the chair to help with balance etc.. This workout would not be suitable for him which is a little disappointing. Obviously he could do some of the components whilst seated but when the person teaching is stood up, it is a little off putting to someone not used to this type of workout. They can’t see what their body lines should look like in the seated position. I hope that makes sense.

    Don’t think I am dissing Joe as I am not. It could be I have misinterpreted the title or been mislead all my life about chair workouts in general lol.

    Keep up the good work though Joe. You are adapting your range to encompass a wide range of abilities and that is commendable indeed.

  2. Brilliant thanks for the subtitles and BSL. But please think about disabled people as Iโ€™m disabled as well as being deaf. Some of the exercises isnโ€™t suitable for me. Please do exercises for disabled people who canโ€™t stand up or move. Thanks.

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