1. omgosh this looked easy to me until I went through it I think I hate frog squats more than burpees now lol owww got through it though!!

  2. THANK YOU!! lol im on the 3rd floor and my neighbors below me hate me lmao i’ve been working out every day and dancing so im so grateful for this lmao

  3. so good! Just what i needed, not being able to get my body pump class in is a real bummer! but you saved the day!

  4. Loved this!! Thanks Whit!! I would love some more apartment friendly workouts! I live upstairs so things like this is perfect! 🔥🔥🔥 just finished! About to shower and then binge watch more of your videos! Lol

  5. Love love love everything about the workouts your posting. Easy-to-follow and super fun! I love the timer for rest and set up. Apartment friendly is amazing.

  6. Loved it! I was spent my the middle of the second circuit. Thank you for this! Especially the workout being low-impact, it won’t annoy my downstairs neighbours!

  7. Pllllleeeease do more of those videos!!!! I loved it! And I much prefer the youtube videos where you can follow along and don’t have to stop all the time to check the exercise on Instagram.

  8. ok whitney… i’ve never done these workout apps or homework’s or anything i’ve always just thought they weren’t for me but HOLY HECK!!!! i followed along to this workout with you and it got me sweating but it was SO STINKIN EASY TO FOLLOW ALONG!!!! i’m going to be downloading your alive app and following along!!! i’m obsessed u changed me girl!!

  9. Amazing workout! I’ve been really lazy during this quarantine and after doing this workout it makes me want to do a workout from you every day! Thank you Whitney ! <3

  10. Thank you so much Whit!! I haven’t don’t one of your home workouts before, I’ve done your gym ones plenty of times. (Gyms are closed in nsw as you know) I brought some programs off other people and I just don’t love them, I realised today it’s all visual to me! I felt more motivated doing this one because I could see you and I wanted to keep up with your ones. I’ll be doing more of yours now. Thank you.

  11. Any idea what the average calorie burn is for this workout? I love it and I’ve already done it twice!!! Thank you so much!

  12. I Love Withney channel she is such a boss lady ! It inspired me to start my own youtube and share my workouts 💪🏼 I feel like women should empower and support eachother 👏🏼

  13. I love this workout! Been doing it for a week and I’ve lost 6lbs! Fun to follow along with! Thanks Whitney 💕

  14. This workout made me happy! I’m happy I was able to push through. This is the first real sweat I’ve felt in a couple days

  15. Great sneak peak of what your app has to offer! I loved this. I used to workout all the time but for a year now I’ve been out of the game. This made me sweat like crazy 🙌🏼

  16. So you may have covered this in another video…but, what shoes are you wearing? I stare at them every video and am in desperate need of new shoes!

  17. That was amazing! I haven’t worked out in over a month due to just lack of motivation and feeling like I can’t get time alone stuck at home with 3 kids, I’m now sweating like a boss ha ha! You are so beautiful inside and out girl xx

  18. Great workout! Thank you for making the ‘switch sides’ more noticeable too, it works a treat! I’ll be coming back to this workout, I loved it.

  19. Thanks for this video! Cool twists on the exercises, really something different 🙂 I have a question, unfortunately I couldnt finish this workout, simply because my wrists hurt from the planks/plank positions. Is there anything I can do to prevent that? Am I doing it wrong? Or am I just to weak? 😀

  20. Thanks for saving my sanity during this quarantine! Super easy to follow, excellent audio-visual timer.. and realistic for an apartment. 10/10 would and have recommended to a million friends.

  21. Hi Whitney! What a KILLER workout. I wasn’t expecting to sweat so much!! Quick question for you. When I do the alternating single leg DL, I don’t feel much of a workout. Instead I feel more of a stretch. Where am I supposed to feel this workout?? Asking so when I do this work out again (and again :P) I am getting the full effect of it. Thanks girl! 🙂

  22. Loved this! I’ve tried so many channels, but I get bored or overworked. Such a good sweat and I can feel it real good. This is perfect and there are so many effective moves I’ve never done before like the froggie squats and lunge reaches. Thank you!

  23. Love, love, love these at home videos, my teenage daughters join me now. Very professional and easy to follow along!

  24. love these kinds of video. you are seriously the BEST person!! you have encouraged me to start my own youtube channel with quick and effective workouts!!

  25. I JUST moved into an upstairs apt unit and the whole no jumping thing is killing me! Thank you for this! I need more of the apt style workouts ❤🙌

  26. this workout is perfect! just started following and i’ve been loving your workouts they’re a huge stress reliever at a time like this, thank you!

  27. The follow alongs are my favorite! I might not do them the day they’re posted, but I’ve done every single one she’s posted since the quarantine started! I hope she still posts them when life goes back to normal 🙏🙏

  28. Yeup just did this…. and im not going to lie because there are no crazy movements like jump squats or burpees I thought I wasn’t going to break a sweat but…. I was very very wrong lol


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