1. It’s a simple equation. If you want to get bigger and stronger, then you need to workout with people who are bigger and stronger than you and Nick is the biggest guy I know!

    This workout is geared toward HIGH VOLUME. I mean serious guys, your muscle endurance is going to be put to the ULTIMATE test here. So get ready to struggle incline bench pressing 95lbs or less because trust me… it’s gonna happen today!
    Double Drop: This consists of lowering the weight TWICE to complete one set.

    Example of ONE SET: Complete 6 – 8 reps / lower the weight / Complete 6 – 8 reps / lower the weight / Complete 6 – 8 reps / REST 2 – 3 minutes
    – 4 exercises
    – Rest 2 – 3 minutes between sets

    (0:32) Dumbbell Bench
    – 3 sets: 6 – 8 reps (Double Drop)

    (1:38) Incline Barbell Bench
    – 3 sets: 6 – 8 reps (Double Drop)

    (2:46) Cable Fly / Incline Push-Up Superset
    – 3 sets: 6 – 8 reps (Double Drop) / Incline Push-Up until failure
    Nick’s Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/themachine214
    If you enjoyed this workout, try the full program for *7 Days Free* with code “MS7”

    • I literally just gave a Chest workout away for free. The entire description is in my pinned comment and info section.

      The purpose of the video was to SHOWCASE the workout so viewers will try it.

      I do not appreciate your disrespectful comment for absolutely no reason. 👍

  2. HEY SCOTT! need one specifically geared for intensity techniques i.e. rest pause, forced reps, partials etc. for busting plateaus when standard progressive overload stops working for isolations. THANKS

  3. Man, Nick’s wrists and elbows are inhumanly thick. How does he have such wide bones? I know he’s not natural, so is that just genes or can steroids change your bone structure? I’m just curious to know.

  4. Scott I did my regular workout but to absolute failure 😭 with the 7lb dumbbells. I kicked my own butt and got one of the most killer pumps of my life. Perhaps similar to nuclei overload 🤔

  5. Hey Scott I’m not one to usually hit that like button but I’ve been watching your channel and I’m honestly grateful someone is as honest as you are my man. Keep putting the truth out there you’re great bro, imma hit those likes

  6. I don’t get why people bash that bear looking dude about how low he goes, I was taught to never break the plank when doing workouts like that. And for bigger and taller guys like me, going all the way down hurts my elbows even if it’s only like 25 or 30lbs. Either way, both did great, much love


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