1. Hi Holly I like the clam exercise because it’s a great brain workout too. I have to concentrate. It takes me a few attempts before I get the technique perfected haha 🙂

  2. Day23…it wasn’t so bad…when it was for the last exercise with the outer pulse, I was doing the exercise by bringing my leg 90 degrees, it was awesome.

  3. This workout was quick but super ggod, as I didn’t think I could continue wiythout breaks but I did!

    I’m thankful for:
    -Action (mentally and hopefully soon it will be physically)

    Thank you so much!

  4. Dear Holly, this challenge is really good and keep me motivated. But I feel sad as it ends into a week. Can you keep up with a new challenges please. I have a greatest results. And I have never been so happy about doing workouts. Everyday new one is the way it works for me. Thanks again

  5. Day 23 done
    I love your exercise holly and i miss you


  6. I’ve really enjoyed these workouts this is the first workout I’ve really stuck to consistently. I really like you as a pt as you seem really easy going and relatable, I find many a little too over the top and annoying so I just lose interest. I cant quite get my coordination on some of the moves but I’m not the most coordinated person 😂. I will definitely keep up your videos after this 30 days is done.

  7. I hate the lunge and kicks omg I can’t kneel it hurt my knees but I get through them nonetheless 😂 I managed to go through this workout twice today!

  8. Wow that was so short! I went through the whole thing and was ready for more lol so proud of myself!

  9. I found the clam with the leg kicks the difficult excercise..
    Day 1:⚡done
    Day 2:⚡done
    Day 3:⚡done
    Day 4:⚡done
    Day 5:⚡done
    Day 6:⚡done
    Day 7:⚡done
    Day 8:⚡done
    Day 9:⚡done
    Day 10:⚡done
    Day 11:⚡done
    Day 12:⚡done
    Day 13:⚡done
    Day 14:⚡done
    Day 15:⚡done
    Day 16:⚡done
    Day 17:⚡done
    Day 18:⚡done
    Day 19:⚡done
    Day 20:⚡done
    Day 21⚡:done
    Day 22⚡:done
    Day 23⚡:done


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