1. I don’t liked 😭 I can’t dance while I do exercise it so difficult for me 😑 I’m sorry but I like to hear your voice giving the instruction so I can focus….but I do 50% 😭😭😭

  2. Thank you so much for your 30 challenge! I usually work out in the morning and afternoon, but I didn’t have time for this yesterday. It’s fun to just let loose and dance. I just wish the music was a bit more upbeat and the dancing was in sync with the music. You are amazing though, and I LOVE your channel!

  3. OMGGG that was AMAZING, I’m a dancer and that honestly just felt so good to groove along with that workout, that was perfect!!!

  4. YAY FRIDAYS – I always add an extra dance work out on Fridays. Now I get Double! Thank you Holly. I am warmed up and ready for more dancing.

  5. I loved this, Holly! Do more. It’s perfect for those like me who dread cardio because it borderline symbolises dying out of a heart attack whilst struggling to breath, lol. 😀 Stay safe xx

  6. Day 25 done
    Could you explain the movements if you’ll do sth like this the next time? It was quite difficult to manage it.

  7. I love that in this quarantine challenge we have many different workouts for legs, arms, waist, today we dance and more!….

  8. Today I did three workouts (one of yours that’s a full body workout & 2 of someone else’s standing abs workouts) and then I started to do this aerobic dance workout of yours, but I felt tired out so I only did about the first 1/4 of the workout. I’ll try to remember to get to it again later. The few minutes that I did do it were fun though.

  9. Has anyone felt like in Fortnite dance challenge? This workout reminded me of my former students trying to convince me to do the moves.

  10. Hi there! New sub here! I had a great time! Thank you for this quick heart pumping workout! I plan to use it as a warm up as well! 🙂


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