1. Love your workouts – but this is a very irresponsible way to market them. You’re encouraging people to feel inadequate if they have a perfectly natural body. It would take the average person YEARS of eating well and exercising often to look like this. Some people may not ever get it because they’re not genetically engineered to. Really really misleading.

    • She’s encouraging people to eat healthy and exercise, the latter of which she so graciously provides free videos for. Remember, we don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.

    • This is about being healthy, strong and feeling positive about yourself. I am over 60, but I’m still able to do all of Rebecca’s workouts. That must be a good thing!! I see women half my age, totally unfit and unhealthy, which is so sad. Rebecca is so lovely and enthusiastic – but never shouty or OTT like some exercise gurus. 💖

    • Rebecca-Louise I know – that’s why I’m saying you shouldn’t advertise your workouts as if it’s about the way you look. This comment was about how this video is wrongly titled ‘get that 11 line and thigh gap in 10 days’.

    • Barbara X that’s great! As I said her workouts are great but I just think the advertisement on this video which made out that you can ‘get an 11 line and thigh gap in 10 days’ is very very harmful for naive people who might think its possible and then be disappointed when they don’t see those results because they’re unable to due to their body type/because it’s virtually impossibly

    • L C yes I know, which is exactly why it’s very irresponsible to market a video as if you can get an ‘11 line and thigh gap in 10 days’. People are naive and it’s encouraging people to feel down on themselves if they get nowhere near this unrealistic goal. And not really, it’s actually science that some people are unable to get abs or a thigh gap unless they near starve themselves, which does not need to be encouraged by people seeing titles like this.

  2. Hye rabecca plx upload some workouts for pcos .. as it is very difficult to lose weight because of pcos .. lots of love .. #icanfeeltheburnrabecca 💕

  3. Hey Rebecca! Welcome to South Africa! ☺️❤️🇿🇦 I am so star struck that you are even here on the same continent as I am. Thank you for another fantastic workout 😁 lots of love from SA

  4. i just want to thank you because with your help I lost 4 pounds in one month and also with a good nutrition💞 20% is workout 80% nutrition 💓

  5. Hi Rebecca! I just found your channel and I think what you do is amazing it is so kind of you to put out so much amazing content. I can see you are so passionate! I was wondering if you have any suggestions of workouts and nutrition for teens, because I am 14 and love health and fitness and I would love to know more about what I should or shouldn’t be doing at my age.

    • Hi lovely! Welcome aboard! Glad to have you here. Go ahead and check out rebecca-louise.com I have get lots of tips over there.❤

  6. I’m hoping when you say zoos you mean private, non-accredited zoos :/ not all zoos are bad, those held up to standards that support wild conservation efforts and have big cats in breeding programs and work with biologists in the wild. Their goal is to educate and raise money for all of the different conservation efforts in their native land along with participating in programs in which they release to the wild.

  7. OMG when those lions srarted pacing back and forth right on the other side of the fence ….!!! 😵 It was exciting !!!


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