1. Hello Rebecca, what is the alternative to squats to give the same results? Squats hurt my knees and I’m trying not to agitate my knees any further. I am on the BURN program as well!! So excited I will have my first consultation tomorrow!! I am so ready :-)!!!!

  2. AS always as i said done it without weights. But because of ur exercises i have done it with full enjoyment. ✌✌✌✌

  3. Hey Rebecca!
    A suggestion to add to your videos.
    How about a self pampering break where you guide people to massage their legs or arms . We work this body so much , it feels great to soothe the muscles once in a while. A bit of self massage is no harm .
    We would be happy to hear it from you so give it a thought.
    Love you and your workouts❤️

  4. Ok, so I don’t even watch anyone else anymore. I love your workouts!! They are so energetic and inspiring. You are so positive that it makes watching addictive. You are kicking my butt, literally. I love your co stars too. 🐶

  5. Hey Rebecca! I added some resistance bands to this workout- am feeling the burn! Loving it- thank you 😊🌸💜 🔥


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